Meet the FX10: Machine Tour On-Demand Webinar

Learn about the FX10, Markforged's newest addition to their industrial 3D printer lineup

Markforged's next generation industrial composite printer

Introducing the FX10, Markforged's cutting-edge industrial printer - a revolutionary fifth-generation composite machine engineered for maximum productivity, unwavering reliability, and seamless automation. The FX10 seamlessly merges the exceptional part strength, flawless surface finish, and unparalleled dependability of Markforged's renowned industrial printers with an advanced sensor package and a versatile modular design.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn the specs and features of the FX10
  • Hear how FX10 will help local manufacturers innovate faster with doubled print speed
  • Understand how FX10 enables manufacturers to make end use parts, tooling and fixtures with the strength of machined aluminum and smooth surface finish - all with the click of a button
  • Understand the vision and motivations behind the design decisions Markforged made when building the machine


Markforged FX10-1


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