BigRep STUDIO Industrial 3D Printer

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The BigRep STUDIO G2 is a specially designed for reliability with abrasive and engineering-grade materials. Featuring a fully enclosed build envelope, BOFA air filtration system, and temperature-controlled filament chamber, this fast-heating large-format additive manufacturing system produces incredible results with advanced materials.

The STUDIO G2 is a durable, cost-effective partner for innovation and industrial production that makes manufacturing high-quality, large-format parts easy. With a sleek, space-conscious body, perfect for the production of factory tooling in any setting, the STUDIO G2 is optimal for any workspace - from the office to the factory floor.

Printer Specifications:

  • Easy slicing with BigRep BLADE, our free slicing software
  • Build Volume: 40 x 20 x 20 in
  • Compatible BigRep Materials: ASA, ABS, BVOH, HI-TEMP, PA6/66, PET-CF, PETG, PLA, PLX, PRO HT, PVA, TPU


Key Features of the BigRep STUDIO Industrial 3D Printer


The Industrial Build Volume

The STUDIO G2’s incredible 40 x 20 x 20 (in) build volume creates room for innovation by unlocking full-scale additive manufacturing. Features combine to create a premium environment for printing large-format, engineering-grade parts quickly and safely. It’s an industrial 3D printer in a sleek, space-conscious package to fit any production environment.


The Insulated Build Envelope

The fully enclosed, temperature-controlled build envelope is the perfect environment to achieve consistent, high-quality print results. It provides users with safe and easy access to the print bed and the ability to visually monitor the printing process in a contained space. Environmental fail-safes like an auto-abort upon opening the envelope ensure a smooth and safe printing process in any setting.

The Fast-Heating Print Bed

Preparation time is significantly reduced for all print projects with the G2's fast-heating print bed, capable of reaching 80 °C for optimal print bed adhesion with a variety of high-quality materials in just 15 minutes. Coupled with an inductive sensor that enables semi-automatic print bed leveling to ensure optimal calibration and maximum control, the STUDIO G2 is made to work fast and work well.




The Tool-Steel Nozzles

With the inclusion of specialized tool-steel nozzles for carbon-fiber reinforced filament and other abrasive materials, the STUDIO G2 is our most versatile additive manufacturing system. Made for printing with advanced, engineering-grade filaments at high speed, the specially designed extruder achieves reliable, high flow rates to quickly produce industrial tooling up to a meter long with the options you need to perfect a part's mechanical properties.


The BOFA Filtration System

With the BOFA air filtration system, you're taking every step to ensure health and safety and compliance with present and future regulations while working with any potentially hazardous materials. The G2's insulated enclosure with dedicated output safely directs any and all fumes into its filtration system which then utilizes HEPA filters to purify air to a certified minimum efficiency of 99.997% down to 0.3 microns and 95% to 0.1 micron.



The Heated Filament Chambers

Two heated filament chambers ensure that engineering-grade materials with sensitive environmental requirements remain dry in a consistently controlled environment for best-in-class quality. Both the chambers, the print bed and the build envelope also feature independent temperature controls - going beyond industry standards to give you maximum control of your 3D printing environment.

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