Photocentric UV Resins for 3D Printing


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Photocentric UV Resin 3D Printer Materials

Photocentric manufactures a wide range of high-performance UV resins tailored to LCD, laser and DLP 3D printers. We manufacture resins to provide the perfect combination of viscosity, green strength, surface finish and final functional properties that are ideal for many industrial applications.

Dental Model 

Developed in conjunction with dental technologists Dental Model creates accurate, high-resolution, dry surface models

Optimized for:

  • Clear aligner manufacture
  • Study opposing and denture base models
  • Thermoforming


Ideal for making objects displaying extreme hardness with no compression under high force. 

Optimized for: 

  • Functional parts
  • Compression-resisting end-use parts
  • Prototypes


Create highly accurate jewelry parts for investment casting.

Optimized for:

  • High accuracy and detail 
  • No expansion or ash
  • Casting jewelry 

Crystal Clear

Makes clear strong objects with minimal shrinkage providing a smooth, shiny surface finish. 

Optimized for:

  • Crystal clear parts
  • High accuracy and low shrinkage
  • Strong and durable 


Delivers smooth surface finish parts and high transparency, mimicking real glass

Optimized for:

  • Glass like parts
  • High transparency
  • Smooth surface finish

High Tensile

Ideal for making objects with a high tensile strength and hardness that cannot be bent or compressed easily. 

Optimized for:

  • Prototyping
  • Functional engineering
  • Rigid and strong parts


Creates parts that withstand shock and will hold their shape whilst able to bend without breaking. 

Optimized for:

  • Pliable parts
  • Durable functional parts
  • High accuracy 

Rigid DL240 Plant-Based

High-performance rigid 3D printing resin which consists of 50% plant based raw materials, offering a substantial reduction on net CO2 emission. 

Optimized for:

  • Fast prototyping
  • Accurate parts
  • Dental models for aligner manufacturing

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